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Fake killers for hire and scammers on the network

scam slayers

You need to know a few things to be smarter in this thread. There are a few percent of fake hired hitmen online, so be cautious.

Please read a few tips to avoid being deceived by someone dishonest and increase your opportunities to avoid getting into a scam:

always pay attention to the interface of the site if it is very simple, with low quality and looks like a fake site with some grammatical errors in words, it also contains only 1-2 pages with a little bad or just funny information, do not use this. This is a scam. Serious organizations do not allow themselves to follow this path.

please note which payment method they use, if they just need half the payment in bitcoins in advance without escrow, keep in mind that this is a fraud, as they will never reply to you after sending the payment. Good for you, save the second half. Or maybe a hitman for hire site requires credit card payment, it’s also 100% fraud. Normal structures do their job first, provided that the customer deposits their funds in bitcoin escrow prior to delivery. It protects both the client and the hired hitman from being scammed.

also pay attention that clearnet hitman for hire websites are always fraud and can be easily closed down at any time, their hostings can be tracked by ip-addresses and all information can be obtained by law enforcement as well as their clients can be arressted, unlike dark network websites. You need to search for services with the .onion domain only in order to hire someone real for your work.

reviews and reports about hitman sites on the internet are not always fair. This can be both true and false. They can be written by anyone, for example, a site owner can write a fraud report about a competitor site and vice versa or a site owner can write a good report about his site. Or any scam reports about hitman for hire websites could be written by police staff to scare people away. Note that someone is always trying to suspend hitman for hire activity or promote vise versa. Competitors are trying to defame each other or police are trying to stop it at all. In addition, we found several lists of scammers online. They have included almost all onion services in their scam section such as hire a hitman links, financial services, hire a hacker links, etc. It doesn't matter if they are scams or not. And at the same time, they sell "trusted" link lists for about $ 100-200. As a result, after the purchase, the buyer receives a list of fraudulent links or simply does not receive anything. In addition, we contacted the administrators of these lists and asked them to remove one of these “fraudulent” links from the scam section. And asked what we should do for this. We received the answers something like that we need to pay about $ 5,000 in bitcoin currency upfront. But we are confident that even if we pay them, this random link that we have chosen will not be removed. So, they just extort money and we know these listings are all a scam. Thus, they do not carry any objective information.

mirror sites and fake copies should also be excluded. You can also find sites on a dark network with good text, lots of pages, a good payment method and may look like real ones, but they can be a cheap scam because they were copied from the originals. We will try to place all fraudulent sites on this page so as not to confuse you.

You can see the list of well known scam sites below:

Please add ".onion" at the end: "xxxxxxxxxx.onion" to follow any of the links below.

ygrqgcnoodnqdmlc - SCAM. Hitman Connect. This hire a killer service has unrealistically high prices (obviously its owner has a lot of money) and at the same time looks like a little poor kid made it using Artisteer. This is a tool with which you can create simple websites. So, if you are blogging about flowers you can use it without any problem. Firstly, it is very funny that the owner cannot afford himself to hire a high-class cyberteam to develop a normal secure site and maintain it, and secondly, this site is 100% fraudulent because using such a web template platform is too risky for hiring hitmen business. If this were a real site of murders it would have been shut down long ago. After all, templates always have some kind of backdoors created by developers. Therefore, this site is not secure. Real assassins have high quality websites built by their teams. This site requires 55% prepayment and generally does not want to use an escrow service.

camorrau23edy436 - SCAM. Camorra Group assassin for hire service. They claim that they belong to real Camorra gang. We periodically get complaints from scammed customers. They take money upfront and reject to use escrow service. As known real Camorra gang doesn't have any hire a hitman service on the Dark Network.

zsyvom262oiaoc6es7bgg66xieyil6nqkh7jn5ntraghpqgudbcl3vad - SCAM. Famous scam Besa Mafia. This hitman service is a poor copy of the real website that existed long ago. Instead of this fake, true site had many killers, high quality, secure messaging and escrow systems. Obviously new "Besa Mafia" just wants to use the old site fame and cheat people. Because the real Besa Mafia on the onion is dead and obviously won't come back.

vanettirrjkqgoth - SCAM. Vanetti Mob. This is a fake hitman service that allegedly has several killers. They have funny pseudonyms and allegedly work in several directions, each in his own territory. Surprisingly, they manage to complete all the assigned tasks. Serious organizations have many hired assassins worldwide and accept new ones to develop their business, and not only 5-6 participants. What's more, there are so many fraud complaints from customers that it is easy for us to understand that this is a 100% fraudulent site.

assassinuyy7h425 - SCAM. Assassination Network.

hitmanalfc6c75hj - SCAM. Murder Incorporated. The most insolent swindler among the other fake hired hitmen; requires for money in advance first, without using escrow. And doesn't even want to talk to customers before paying. Provides his bitcoin address and email, that's all. No accounts, no escrow service, no discussion of any work details.

kxesodo3c6cid7mp - LOW REPUTATION. The Chapel. This killer hiring website is new and would be good; accounts, escrow, even though it has pictures from games and the site looks like a cartoon. Eventually, it is not so important, if the service is real and commit real murders. But we have received many complaints from customers about this hitman service. These guys cannot perform tasks properly and they do not have experienced killers. Thus, this service has a lot of fails. Also, the owner stole the text from the site "Criminal Network". We don't know why their text is so popular.

assassipyppe72zn - SCAM. Assassination Network. This hire a hitman service has a fake killing portfolio. Of course, all these people were killed by other structures. You can immerse into this question and you will realize why. In addition, no one normal organization will place such a portfolio on its website and tell everyone that they did it. This can only be done by fraudsters, list several victims and attribute it to themselves. Moreover, the site only works with javascript enabled, which harms your privacy and security; as known, real hitman services don't use JS as well as The Clearnet.

blkmobbzqjhpn232 - SCAM. The Black Mob. A cheap crook who has stolen the old brand of another hitman for hire web service that had been obviously closed down by law enforcement in the past. We dont know for sure why this happened. But we only got many fraud complaints about this new one. This service doesn't use escrow service. The owner asks for the full amount in advance, or at least half, and claims to do the job properly.

bzsntuqpvfk7innoezi4jasgqjo2sbv7bhr3rvb76ibr6znzte5ehcqd - SCAM. Easy hitmen scam site with one page.

aoozskj746hkjxycovyj2ogrkn7yslj26lzn6meytt5ctnjxfbvh7zid - SCAM. The same easy scam site.

sssk6fptkoykdpoxtiur7e7fur46lduihjxx2uwp6hhayurupbnafayd - SCAM. Super silent sniper. A fraudulent hitman site with a funny name and stolen text from the website "Criminal Network".

https://mercenaries.pw/ - SCAM. Russian Mafia, clearnet scam site. There is no way to hold a real hire a killer website on the clearnet. It would have been closed down long ago. But the law enforcement agencies do not touch this site, as it is fraudulent and not dangerous to human health. The site says that they are the Russian mafia but as known this is just a fraudster who can also cooperate with the police from time to time. Obviously, this is why this service has several photos of weapons and this is one more reason why law enforcement dont touch the website. In addition, this hitman service doesnt use escrow like many other scammers around the network.

https://hireakiller.io/ - SCAM. Hire a Killer. This website is also a clearnet scam as this is obvious for such types of services. Requests prepayment and does not perform any murders. Moreover this fraudster has comment sections on his site pages where he himself posts fake comments to make people believe his scam. Apparently he got tired of posting and suspended his activities in February 2021. But who knows maybe he will start doing it again. Why these comments are fake? Because no smart enough person would post any comments on the clearnet website after they ordered a murder. This is rediculous. One orders another person, this is stressful for the customer and he must be calm and silent, must sit on his own as* and not open his mouth, fearing prying eyes. Ask yourself, would you post any comments on the clearnet website before or after you ordered a murder of another person, moreover, if you used this particular website to resolve your problem?

https://assassinations.io/ - SCAM. Assassins.

https://hitmanhire247.com/ - SCAM. Hitman for hire.

These sites were registered as fraud by dozens of people, and we also tested them using methods known to us.

Please, if you can inform us of any case of evidence fraud, contact us.

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