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How to hire a hitman in 2021. True hitman services and fakes

hire a hitman

Disclaimer: The main goal of the site is to tell the truth about what is murder for hire. We are in no way affiliated with any of the hire a hitman sites listed here; we present our articles for informational purposes only. Our website doesn't contain any onion hitman links. Also, we are not responsible if anyone uses this information for illegal purposes. This is his own responsibility.

You are welcome to our site of true and fraudulent contract hitmen, killers and assassins on The Dark Network.

How to hire a hitman and where to hire a hitman

Of course, anyone can order a killer in the place where he lives, contact the members of the local mafia gang if he knows where they are, or contact some people who want to make money and cannot earn it in the normal way, as they have no education or skills for a normal job. They can also be ex-military or ex-police officers or just street gangs.

But the customer can always be arrested as soon as the investigation begins, because he personally met with the performers and paid them in cash from hand to hand.

Most likely, all participants will be arrested and sent to jail. Therefore, many people start looking for killers on the Internet. Of course, there are many offers to hire killers. But not all of them are real.

Real killers can only be hired on the darknet. But there are also many fake "slayers". They usually use websites or forums to get customers or any website like Craigslist but on onion.

If a user finds a real killer on the darknet, he is always anonymous and pays with cryptocurrency. Therefore, people like the darknet more than hiring hitmen in real life. Since we are talking about their safety. We'll go into more detail about this thread below.

How much does it cost to hire a hitman

The average price ranges from $ 4,000 to $ 30,000. It depends on many factors. Of course, the first is the country and the target.

Because there are rich and poor countries in the world, and targets can be ordinary and VIP. Also depends on the executor who performs the task.

How to hire a hitman on the Darknet

Typically, killers are gang members or ex-soldiers. They have existed for thousands of years in almost every era, in every country.

Lately, hitmen have been adopting technology and offering online services. Some of them are fakes, for example hire-a-killer dot com.

This fake accepts credit card payments, but no smart enough person pays a contract killer with a credit card that reveals his identity.

Other hitmen offer services on the Dark web; this is a part of the internet only accessible through anonymity tools such as the Tor browser.

You can read more about the Dark web at these links:


Google search results about the Dark web

These hitmen can be accessed on the darknet at marketplaces such as:

hire a killer

If you want to access any of the links below, add ".onion" to the end: "xxxxxxxxxx.onion".

6nigkq2azpbeg2fa - Hire @ Hitman. Old and real hitman service. They can complete any task and tell you how to become a hitman. But it is hard to contact them.

marak2kjeehrao5s - Mara Salvatrucha Hitman Marketplace. Is a branch of the famous hitmen gang on the onion. Is the most trusted and reliable service with professional hitmen worldwide with no failure. Also perform a lot of other dirty work for money. The service has built-in reliable escrow for bitcoin payments. A client always pays after the job is done.

idomquol7lannf22 - The Mechanic. Offers assassin services all over the world and only accepts payment in cash or bitcoin. Photo and target location required.

assassinec3wumxw - The Assassins. Performs assignments in regions such as the USA, Great Britain, Australia, France, Germany, China, India and Pakistan.

los7jx7o6fgzw7os - Criminal Network. Accept almost any orders with no limits. Nobody knows who they are and what is their gang, or they are a group of ex-military guys. But they have a very high rate and professionalism. Accept bitcoin and monero.

yo4jmu6dsfaeekt3 - VeniceMan Killer Hitman Service. He is a real life hitman. Works alone in many countries of the world. Also has a PGP key.

dtt6tdtgroj63iud - Torminator. Old site of assassins and hackers without limits. Accepts any job offered.

zy3dkytcaubkq2y3 - Hitman Slayers. Easy hitman site with a group of 48 members who can kill targets all over the world. They accept only bitcoin.

marasawisvgnc6py - SCAM. This is a fake mirror of the site Mara Salvatrucha Hitman Marketplace to steal bitcoin.

los77onzmmhzl75o - SCAM. Another fake mirror of the Criminal Network website to deceive customers and steal their money.

hitman4hire dot torpress2sarn7xw - SCAM. Hitman 4 hire - hit-man services. Easy fake hitman website, has many similar links on the Tor network.

darkmambawopntdk - SCAM. Dark Mamba is a hitman-for-hire site. Has one page with email address and services. Requests prepayment. Has a lot of customer complaints. Does not use escrow.

Darknet markets can only be accessed through the Tor browser:


hitman for hire

You can read more about the Tor and Darknet markets at these links:


Google search results about the Tor browser


Google search results about Darknet markets

These sites allow customers to register anonymously without asking for a name, email address, address, phone number or other personal information.

Customers usually hide their IP addresses and pay with Bitcoin, an anonymous form of payment that keeps their private secrets.

Note: Bitcoin is semi-anonymous, which means customers need to mix their bitcoins before making payments in order to destroy any links to their real information.

Some of these hitman-for-hire sites typically offer internal bitcoin mixers. Thus, the client does not have to worry about anything. Bitcoin mixer is a tool that allows to shuffle coins many times and separate payments from original payments to keep privacy and security.

In addition, most darknet markets offer escrow systems to ensure that payment is only made upon receipt of goods or services. In other words, escrow allows to keep customer bitcoins safe until goods are delivered properly.

The first dark internet market was the Silk Road, you can read about it at this link:


Google search results about Silk Road marketplace

Anyone can also look at darknet listings where placed a lot of information about hire a hitman markets, hackers, cryptocurrency, onion email services, etc. One of such listings is:


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